Body positivity is such a huge combination of different ingriedients – sugar , spice and everything nice ! – ( a powerpuff girls reference for You right there ) . But in all seriousness , body positivity means different things for different people – and that is the exciting part !

For me it’s simply loving Your body and accepting Your flaws . It’s a lifestyle . It’s knowing and acknowledging that Your body doesn’t need to fit any standarts set by others . You set Your own standarts ! Everybody is a different type of beautiful .

Body positivity is beautiful . And beautiful is healthy . Not necessarily healthy as in weighing below a certain number or eating super healthy meals . Healthy as in – as long as You feel good in Your own body .


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Body positivity is not promoting obeasity . It’s not promoting loosing weight either . It’s promoting to be Yourself . Promoting to love Yourself for being able to be Yourself and feel good about it . It’s not just a ” thing ” for ” curvy ” people .

If You haven’t noticed yet – body positivity is also available in the men edition ! Women may be more vocal about it , but it doesn’t mean that guys don’t struggle with this issue .

It is not just about the human appearance . It’s a mind set . A mind set that I believe could change the world to be a better place . If we just accepted each other for who we are … if we could avoid the hate , the nasty comments , the ” go loose some weight ” , the ” go eat a burger ” , the abuse … I would love to experience a world free of body shamers . But while some people are too busy spreading the negativity – let’s spend our time more wisely and spread the word of body positivity instead 🙂 !


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Do what You want with Your body ! Nobody should judge the things You decide to do with it . Getting a tattoo , a piercing , even plastic surgery – if that is what it takes to make You feel great – go ahead ! People are free to have their own opinions , everybody feels different about what is considered beautiful and what is not . Do not let that discourage You ! It is always going to be about preferences , and if that is what You prefare – do not let anybody hold You back .

I could talk about this topic for days , but these were the few things that I feel strongly about regardings the body positivity topic . There is just one more thing I would like to say – be happy 🙂 ! And Love Your body in every state 🙂 !


Love ,



The First Steps of my Meditation Journey


Hey ! Yes – I am back ! You may have noticed that I haven’t posted anything for a while on this blog , but I am back and full of energy to keep spreading  the word of positivity !

Today You will be able to read a guest post about meditation written by Kim from ! We hope You enjoy having  a little insight from her meditation journey . Please , make sure to check out her blog for more 🙂 ! 

” The First Steps of my Meditation Journey ”

I began a simultaneous journey of yoga and meditation . My yoga journey is detailed in my blog . Since I am guest posting on this blog , I wanted to write about something that was a little different than my what is on my blog so I thought I’d write about some of the things I have learned in the first few steps of my meditation journey . I know that any journey starts with the first step and I know that this will be a long , beneficial journey .


Meditation is not completely clearing your mind of ALL thoughts . I think that the reason I was so reticent to start meditating is because I had tried it before and could NEVER clear my mind of all thoughts . The more I read about it and do it ,  I realize that that is not the end goal of meditation . It is more about being in the present moment and acknowledging thoughts you are having . After you acknowledge them , let them go and come back to the present .

Meditation is not about controlling all your thoughts . I read a quote by someone , and I’m sorry that I can’t remember who , and they said something like meditation is not about controlling your thoughts , it’s about not letting your thoughts control you .  I LOVE that !!!

Meditation doesn’t have to be tied to a specific religion . Meditation can be associated with some Eastern religions , but it doesn’t have to be .  It can have a very spiritual connection , but it doesn’t have to have that either .  You can use meditation in any way that works for you . It is a very personal practice and no two people get the same thing from or give the same thing  to meditation .

You don’t have to sit cross legged in prayer position to get the most out of meditation . You can sit cross legged in prayer position if you want to , but again , you don’t have to do it that way . Whatever position is most comfortable and opens you up to giving and receiving energy is the best position for you .

You don’t have to meditate for long periods of time to get something out of meditation . There are 3 and 4 minute guided meditations that are wonderful , calming  and effective .  You do not have to meditate for 30 or 40 minutes in order to feel the benefits.


This is a simplified description of  a very complex and personal journey . Each person who meditates does it a little different and gets different benefits and wisdom from it . If meditation is something you have wanted to try , I hope that my observations and tips have helped support your decision . It is definitely something worth integrating into your everyday life .


Yeah . I know . What do I know about blogging ? Not much . It’s only my second week blogging and I am suddenly realising that maintaining a blog is a lot of work ! Who knew .

Someone once said to me :
” Blogging is super easy and won’t take much of your time . ”
Yeah, right ! Suuuuuuuuuuure .
And here I am writing and editing a blog post for two hours already .

Someone also once said to me :
” Blogging is easy money ! ”

Monday's pic

I haven’t even monetized my blog yet and do not plan to do so anytime soon . There is so much work that goes into earning a single cent and I admire those bloggers who make four-thousand-dollars each month ! Sure , it’s nice to earn some money , but if You are thinking about starting a blog just for the sake of making money , let me tell You – it is not the best decision !

You have to love the content You are putting out there , have to be consistent with it and all that jazzzz … I will repeat myself : it’s a lot of work – success is no accident !

In my two weaks of blogging I gained 35 followers and I am hoping to increase that number !  It’s such an amazing feeling that someone actually reads the stuff You write ! Beyond words !

Why I started this blog , you might ask ? I have always wanted to write a blog . For some reason I never did . I believe that was because :

a) I had no idea how to do it and once I started to do my research it seemed too complicated ! I guess I didn’t believe in myself as much as I should have …

b) Plugins ? Web hosting ? Buying a domain ? Ahhhh . I have always been a non-technical person . All I knew was how to search for things on .

c) What would people think of me ? She ? A blogger ? Why ? Yeah , there once was a time when I cared what people had to say . Thank God I have outgrown that phase !

Do things that feed Your soul ! Blogging , singing , growing a flower garden – whatever it is – do it ! Life is too short to wait ! Go out there and make Your dreams come true ! Cause nobody else is going to do that for You …

Love ,



Alrighty then ! This has been all over the internet lately . Kim Kardashian isn’t making headlines anymore . But her cellulite is . Wohoo !

NEWSFLASH – Women have cellulite on their backsides and thighs ! And if You don’t – lucky You !

Kim's picture

Yeah , Kim has millions of dollars , capable of buying every cellulite reducing product / procedure there is – but it’s still there .. Why ? Because it’s natural + I believe that trying to get rid of it is a waste of time .

On the particular article that I read , the comments underneath stated :

  • ” Too much cellulite ! ”
  • ” Doesn’t look too good without photoshop … ”
  • ” Cellulite ! Yuck ! ”
  • ” This woman is disgusting . ”
  • ” What a fat cellulite slag ! ”

Of course it looks different without photoshop ! What did those folks expect ? The thing is – media portrays these ‘ perfect ‘ imagines not really knowing how much they can affect our lives ! It’s okay to post unedited pictures on the internet … if You can deal with online hate …

Haters gonna hate – not that most of those commenters had a problem with Kim herself – they had a problem with her body . Have You ever seen Kim really get back at those body shamers ? I haven’t . But then again – ignorance is bliss .

That’s somehow the problem . Having soooooo much influential power , she could be inspiring young women all around the globe , to be loving and respecting their bodies , but instead she’s talking about a flu being a great way to loose weight . Wait , what ?

Oh , well . Kim might be too busy for spreading the word of body positivity . And no matter what she does , it triggers a media frenzy .

What are Your thoughts about this story ? Leave Your comments in the comment section below !

So what if You have cellulite ? Don’t allow people to define YOUR beauty !

Love ,



Questions and Answers #1

Hey ! From now on You will be able to read short , positive interviews with amazing people – every other week on Wednesdays . Short questions / quick answers to wake You up and get You feeling positive for Your day ! Hope You like these as much as I do ! Let’s get started !

  • Name – Astra  


  • Age – 13
  • Location – Latvia
  • About – model @ DANDY Models Riga / aspiring athlete / loves chocolate chip cookies

# How do You start off Your morning ?

” To energize my morning I do a few stretching exercises and  occasionally go for a run . After that I check my social media . ”

# What is Your favourite quote ?


# Tea or coffee ?

” Tea . Green tea . ”

# Have You always wanted to be a model ?

” No , I have not . I never thought about becoming one , actually . It just happened … as I got discovered by an agency . ”

# What can’t You live without ?

” Love .”







Hello , friends !

A few days ago I somehow stumbled upon an article called ” What’s Your tummy type and how to get rid of it . ”  Bloated , saggy , covered in strechmarks , jiggly , toned , flat ? Every belly is a beautiful belly . Period .
Let’s get one thing straight – body hate is dangerous . Hate itself is a self-destructive emotion .
Tummies are often seen as the part of our bodies that need to be hidden under layers of clothing – especially approaching summer .
But doesn’t Your tummy deserve a ray of sunshine ?
REALITY CHECK – Bellies aren’t a taboo anymore – even fitness models have belly rolls when they sit down !
I myself often feel like people judge me , just because I have chosen to wear something a bit more tummy revealing .. what’s up with that ?
It’s not like crop tops and bralette’s have a lable on them stating / for toned bellies only / .
What we need to remember is – a women’s belly , after all , is a powerful , beautiful thing ! 

Praise Your body !


Follow the hashtag #freethebelly on social media to catch a glimpse of all the stunning women and their gorgeous bellies get inspired !

And next time you want to speak bad about your tummy , remember – your body is your home – once you get over the hate , all that remains is beauty !

Love ,




Hello , there , Friday !

Better days are just around the corner ! – called Saturday and Sunday – heh .
This weekend I want You to remind yourself how beautiful You really are . Seriously .
Whilst listening to the Latin queen herself , Shakira , I have put together my 3 favourite body + quotes , that will definitely make Your mind smile .

Let’s go !


Aren’t they ? You are responsible for Your own happiness , so why not fall in love with taking care of Yourself ?


You and only You ! Want to wear a bright pink crop top paired with some jean shorts ? Feel free to let the body rolls out !! People will stare – make it worth their while !


As funny as it sounds – it’s true . Society is made to believe , that a pimple or a strechmark is something that You should be trying to get rid of . Little do they know – flaws are what makes us beautiful .

I hope You enjoyed this post as much as I enjoy a cup of good coffee .

Have a productive weekend !

Love ,